In Laser defender you have to survive as many waves as possible to reach a top score.
But beware: The enemies become harder after each cycle of the final boss battle.

How long will you stand against the troops from outer space?

W A S D / Arrow keys = Move
Space / Left Mouse Button = Fire

  • Do not get hit
  • Waves get harder the more often they repeat
  • Have Fun!

Roadmap (maybe somewhen, currently discontinued):

  • Add Boss special abilites
  • Add more enemies & waves
  • Add Player power-ups
  • Add Player Special Abilities

Development log


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(1 edit)

Good audio and acceptable graphics, but gameplay seems to be missing something.  Perhaps the shots could be redone to give better visual contrast (can be difficult to see).

edit: Enemy laser fire could be a bit slower, to allow player more opportunity to avoid incoming shots.  For larger enemies, a damage / endurance status bar would be a welcome addition and would add to the overall gameplay.